Thursday, March 15, 2007

An universal format for resume

My most of the latter half of last week went into scanning resumes for a test automation position. HR in its part had dumped into a MS Outlook folder, quite a few resumes from internet job postings and candidates applied for the job posting on our company website. Given the enormous amount of work it takes to scan through the resumes for the right set of skill set and experience, I'm wondering if its high time the software industry propose an universal format for resumes.

Automated tools could scan the machine readable formats and save the drudgery of reading through pages text to get simple information like years of experience and skill set. This had prompted me to looked into wikipedia for a definition of resume. One format that had caught my attention was the hResume . Any new initiative requires big names to support it. Its time for the big companies to support a common initiative. The smaller one will follow suit.

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