Saturday, March 3, 2007

Two Blogger bugs

After having started blogging, I've started looking at everyday things more critically. I noticed two things with that caught my attention.

I have this habit of creating a blog post and saving it as draft. After many a iterations of writing and rewriting, I finally publish the post. Often times the gap between creating the post for the first time and publishing it takes several days. I have several draft post that I work on at any given point in time.

I created a post on February 26th, finally published this post on march 4th. The published date on my blog still lists as february 26th instead of march 4th.
The other bug related to my blog title, I'll still drafting.


Debasis Pradhan said...

Hi Rajesh. Nice to see another Indian tester starting his own blog! Welcome to Indian Tester Blogger's Community!

And the bug which you have mentioned here is a welknown issue with Blogger Beta (You can refer this post as an evidencce: - And there are many more posts like this in blogosphere). If you would like a work around, then refer this link:

Anyway, nice to see your enthusiam in testing. Keep it up...

- Debasis Pradhan

Rajesh said...

Thanks Debasis for your helpful tips and encouragement. This is what I love about blogging. The readers almost every time have an answer for the problem :-)

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