Sunday, September 9, 2007

Due share for Test Management?

Over the past several months I've been keeping myself updated with blog activities on software testing. Yahoo group on software testing has also been very interesting read.
Overall, majority of the blogs discuss about the testing processes & techniques, what I'd term as the "last mile" in the software testing. Certainly this is the most important aspect of our software testing field.
Very few blogs I've been reading discuss about the "mangement" aspects of software testing. Aspects in testing such as "negotiation", "risk management", "analysis what'if scenarios", "work allocation" "work allocation" generally have very few post in the blog world, at least the one I keep track of regularly.
In general these areas comes under project management and several blogs discuss software project management. There are areas where software development project management differs from the management of testing projects. For example, there is negotiation for time and budget on both development and testing projects, however testing team generally find themselves between "hard place and a rock" in negotiation situations. Testing risks generally get better attention from higher management than risks from development team. Development teams have proven estimation techniques, testing team generally estimates on their prior experiences.

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